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Securing Construction Sites


How Security Engineers can Help Protect Your Construction Sites!
Tools aren’t cheap. Neither is replacing them. A tradesmen’s entire life depends on keeping and maintaining a stocked toolbox. All it takes is one determined thief to put the brakes on an entire worksite and cost a very frustrated person thousands of dollars. For a thief, an unprotected construction site is like a buffet. Before them, spread out like all their favorite foods are tools like expensive saws, rachets, drills, and more. They might even decide to cut the catalytic converters out from under work trucks or other equipment. What is just a quick buck to them becomes a major setback on a worksite. A lot of times a lock on gates or other safe boxes just won’t do the trick. Good bolt cutters can be purchased cheaply at any local hardware store. The thief might have very well stolen those as well. Fortunately, construction businesses can keep their construction sites safe and secure with the assistance of reputable security officers. While some sites are more vulnerable than others, a good security solution will ensure that you never have to worry about theft or disruption of construction.

When thieves strike, it is rare their ill-gotten goods are ever recovered. In fact, less than 25% of stolen materials are ever seen again. The worst affected states for construction site crime are Texas, California, and Florida. Texas alone has been hit with around 2,000 thefts a year since 2016. The most stolen items from construction sites are copper, lumber, small hand tools, power tools, and heavy machinery. While new local and federal laws regarding copper have lessened its value to thieves, it is still relatively easy to access and can be stolen without much effort. Construction site theft typically peaks in August as that is usually peak construction season. As we enter into the summer months, there is still time to layer your security and secure your jobsites before peak construction and theft season begins.

At Security Engineers, we can provide fully trained and certified Security Officers for foot patrols, vehicle patrols, post, and more. We are adept at meshing technology and traditional security to provide a 360-degree solution for your security needs. When you need to get a job done right and with minimal disruptions it is important that your construction sites are kept safe with the very best the security industry has to offer.

We have developed state-of-the-art mobile surveillance units that can be equipped with a wide variety of cameras, sensors, alert-based monitoring and incident response to protect what matters most and provide excellent day and nighttime surveillance. In addition, we provide several ways to enhance surveillance. One of our most recommended is the IR Illuminator. Our units are mounted on trailers and solar powered giving them the capability to be moved around and positioned in the best spot to give maximum coverage to points of entry into your construction sites. With motion capture technology, our operations center will be alerted to movement on your property and can then identify potential thieves and criminals. If our monitors verify that the detected motion was indeed malicious in nature, they can then alert the proper authorities and bust them in the act.

Don’t let your worksite become another helpless victim to work site theft. We can keep your job sites running smoothly. Please fill out a quote request form to schedule a consultation today and let us help keep your sites safe and secure!

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