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Protecting Hospitality


Protect your Hospitality Guests with Security Engineers!
When someone decides they have simply had enough and need a vacation the first thing they decide on is a destination. The second is how safe will they be while they are there. We can’t put a hot breakfast in the breakfast bar, but we can help ensure that when your guest arrive, they feel safe and sound in your establishment. With expertise in combining physical and technological security, no one else has what it takes to secure your customers home away from home like Security Engineers.

Travelers Are Concerned for their Safety
While traveler confidence has steadily returned as we continue to push out of the pandemic, economic instability and other risk factors are still leading many travelers to question whether they will be safe wherever they go. There are a variety of different options Security Engineers can provide to make sure your guests feel secure when they step through your doors. A highly trained Security Officer can be a warm, welcoming presence for guest. Knowing that there is someone there with the sole task of looking after them and their property instills confidence in wary travelers just trying to get their bearings in a new place. We can provide both armed or unarmed Security Officer that are fully trained and certified for foot patrols, vehicle patrols, post, and more. Our armed Security Officers are trained to the highest level of excellence. Working in tandem with our technological solutions, your establishment will be safe and secure under the watchful eye of Security Engineers.

Making Technology Work for Your Campus
Our mobile surveillance units can be placed and used around your parking lots to always have an eye on points of entry and give early warning to threats. Another form of early warning is our state-of-the-art gunshot detection system. By installing a unit at your place of business, you are ensuring that the latest technology is used to protect your guest. The system can accurately distinguish the wavelength of a gunshot from similar noises and automatically alert local police that a shot has been detected. The system then can be programmed to automatically lock doors and perform a variety of other task depending on the needs of each building.

The Bottom Line
From highly trained Security Officers to our well tested technological solutions, when it comes to protecting your guests and your business, nobody can do it like Security Engineers! Complete our contact form to schedule your free consultation today!

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