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Why Choose Security Engineers?

Security Engineers provides best-in-class contract security solutions and innovative technology integrations to clients across the U.S. At the core of Security Engineers’ services is our professional security officers. For more information on how Security Engineers can help keep your business secure, please fill out the contact form or email us at [email protected]



The accessibility and visibility of Security Engineers’ team is a competitive advantage the larger security players can’t maintain. Because of the depth of management, the team is reachable 24/7 and supervisors are fully engaged and ready to resolve problems or help wherever possible.
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Through a rigorous training process, we prepare our officers to mitigate risk and handle tough situations with skill, confidence, and calmness. we take pride in every officer who completes our training and goes on to represent both our business and the businesses of our clients every day.
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Guard Management Software

Guard Management Software

Our Security Officer Reporting App speeds the delivery of important information from our officers to our clients by delivering their reports via email. The submitted reports are securely stored in the cloud so that Security Engineers and our clients have instant access to them whenever they are needed.
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Professional Uniformed Officers

At the core of everything we do are the men and women proudly wearing the Security Engineers' uniform. Our professional security officers are committed to protecting your organization as well as the people within it — providing an extra level of security and customer service.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols provide a cost effective way to enhance physical security of any area by serving as a visible deterrent. During these patrols, field officers in marked security vehicles randomly patrol specified areas of clients' premises to verify the general physical security of property, buildings, vehicles, etc.

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Alarm Response

When our 24-hour dispatch center receives an alarm notification, a Security Engineers' field captain is immediately dispatched to the premises. Field captains are meticulously trained first responders who understand how to react to emergencies.

Emergency Response

We know emergencies are never convenient and sometimes happen without warning. One advantage our family of clients have is the response they receive from our highly trained and experienced Special Response Team (SRT) during natural disasters.

Bike Patrols

During bike patrols, Security Engineers' officers ride around on marked security bikes. This allows them the ability to move around the client’s premises, checking and verifying the general physical security of any property, buildings, vehicles, equipment and/or supplies.