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Protecting our Natural Resources 


How Security Engineers Helps Protect our Natural Resources! 
America was built strong by our natural resources and the men and women who work every day to pull them from the ground. Whether it be oil, precious minerals, coal or even those working to create clean energy, protecting our resources is a top priority and no one can do it better than Security Engineers.

How Mines are Threatened with the Risk of Theft
Many mines operate so far removed from civilization that the remoteness acts as a natural barrier against theft. Others are close enough that intrepid thieves will still find themselves staring at the mines with envy at what they might find to pawn off. While no one wants to even consider the possibility, it is not uncommon that theft might even come from within. With all the hustle and bustle that occurs during the normal course of mining operations, some employees with less than good intentions might decide no one will miss a bit of material or a tool. This is especially a possibility for mines that are out in the wilderness or away from anyone else that might attempt a snatch and grab. In that case, having a complete physical and integrated security system can ensure that nothing goes missing without the theft being seen.

The Unique Fight Against Oil Theft
Oil generally relies on long stretches of pipeline to carry crude to plants where it can become all the various things the world relies on to keep turning. Gas, engine oil, plastic products and so much more. Oil theft is especially extreme in countries with less development or in hotspots of extreme unrest. It is well known that ISIS was able to steal billions by siphoning it from oil pipelines by using a system of taps that are easily concealed and hard to uncover. This doesn’t mean the US is resistant to such theft. In fact, in an average year fuel theft in the US tops over $8 billion dollars. A common method is to slowly siphon it from fuel tanks at gas stations using small pinholes into the tanks. That way, the rate of siphon is so slow as to almost be imperceptible, but gradually the stolen gas will add up and can be very lucrative. Smarter thieves will even place their theft contraptions close to other fittings in the hope they will blend in.

Our Recommended Solutions for Oil and Mining Theft
Security Engineers can provide a full 360-degree security solution for your work site. For operations closer to hotspots for theft, we can provide fully trained and certified Security Officers for foot patrols, vehicle patrols, posts, and more.

To complete your security system, we have developed state-of-the-art mobile surveillance units that can be equipped with a wide variety of cameras, sensors, alert-based monitoring, and incident response to protect what matters most and provide excellent day and nighttime surveillance. In addition, we provide several ways to enhance surveillance. One of our most recommended is the IR Illuminated Cameras. Our units are mounted on solar powered trailers giving them the capability to be moved around and positioned in the best spot to give maximum coverage to points of entry into your construction sites. With motion capture technology, our operations center will be alerted to movement on your property and can then identify potential thieves and criminals. If our monitors verify that the detected motion was indeed malicious in nature, they can then alert the proper authorities and bust them in the act. We especially recommend these units for work sites that having a 24/7 physical Security Officer presence may not be viable or in remote areas that cannot be easily reached by security personnel.

The Bottom Line
Protecting our oil and mining industries means coming up with clever solutions to thwart thieves that continue to become more sophisticated and organized as our defenses against them grow. There have always been thieves, and behind the curtains, there is an unspoken arms race between honest people and those willing to do what it takes to make a buck to see who will win out in the end – the thieves or the dedicated security professionals intent on stopping them. Security Engineers will always stay ahead of the criminals.

For a complete evaluation of your security needs, please fill out a quote request form and schedule a free consultation! Let us help you and put together the best security solutions to keep you and America’s natural resources safe.

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