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Security to Keep You Moving


How Security Engineers Helps Protect America’s Transportation Industry!
Nearly 72% of all freight that moves through America is transported by truck. The value of their haul is worth about $10.4 trillion dollars. Globally, air freight accounts for nearly $6 trillion in goods each year. Transportation of these goods is vitally important. Utilizing the best tools to protect what moves America forward is the top priority of any transportation company. By using a layered security system — one that relies on both uniformed officers and the latest technology — Security Engineers has what it takes to protect what matters most.

How Transportation is Threatened
Last year, over 1,502 cargo theft events were reported. That’s almost 400 thefts more than the previous year. While the world is starting to move again, there are still vulnerabilities in our weakened supply chain that have created more opportunities for thieves to strike. Viral photos taken at the beginning of this year captured the breadth of damage being done to our important modes of transportation. Thieves looted and ransacked a train stuck on the railways in Los Angeles, throwing packages and debris on the rails to find the highest value goods available to them. Later, cameras were installed to monitor these hidden areas where trains might be most vulnerable, but the damage had already been done. There are steps that could have been taken well before then to ensure the protection of our supply chain.

Our Recommended Solution for Transportation Security
Security Engineers can provide a full 360-degree security solution for your work site. For operations closer to hotspots for theft, we can provide fully trained and certified Security Officers for foot patrols, vehicle patrols, post, and more.

To complete your security system, we have developed state-of-the-art mobile surveillance units that can be equipped with a wide variety of cameras, sensors, alert-based monitoring and incident response to protect what matters most and provide excellent day and nighttime surveillance. In addition, we provide several ways to enhance surveillance. One of our most recommended is the IR Illuminated Cameras. Our units are mounted on solar powered trailers giving them the capability to be moved around and positioned in the best spot to give maximum coverage to points of entry into important cargo depots, hangars, or other important logistical sites. With motion capture technology, our operations center will be alerted to movement on your property and can then identify potential thieves and criminals. If our monitors verify that the detected motion was indeed malicious in nature, they can then alert the proper authorities and bust them in the act. We especially recommend these units for work sites where having a 24/7 physical Security Officer presence may not be viable or in remote areas that cannot be easily reached by security personnel.

Many centers of transportation, like railyards and trucking companies needing an abundance of room for less than it would cost to have such facilities in larger urban areas, will choose to operate in more remote locations. Our Mobile Surveillance Units are especially recommended for them.

The Bottom Line
America’s transportation businesses are what keeps us moving. If there is no one to move the goods, there will be no goods produced. In addition to the luxuries and other items we want, our trains, trucks, and planes also transport the things we need such as life living saving goods like medicine and food. Protecting them is of the utmost importance and when picking who deserves the honor of doing so you will find no better company to do it than Security Engineers.

For a complete evaluation of your security needs, please fill out a contact form to schedule a free consultation! Let us help you by put together the best security solutions to keep your trucks, trains and planes running and keep America growing.

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