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Protecting Maritime Trade


Protecting Maritime Trade with Security Engineers!
Nearly 80% of all global trade is done by sea. From the electronics we depend on to the many other goods that bring peace and comfort to our lives — pick any item and there is a good chance it was once bobbing back and forth between the waves encased in a metal cargo container. Each year, over $10 billion is stolen from shipping and receiving docks in the United States. With record numbers of containers still backlogged and suppliers working 24/7 to try and return supply lines to normal, thieves have been handed more opportunities to take items that might slip through the cracks as things begin to unclog thus making it more important than ever to protect the weakened supply chain.

Just like a market analyst constantly evaluates consumer habits, so do thieves. Reports have also shown that in times of crisis, such as the COVID pandemic, thieves shift their focus away from luxury goods such as electronics. They instead begin to target necessities like food, beverages and even medicine. These items are quickly consumed, leaving no trace it was ever stolen. Whether they are stealing it for themselves or to attempt to resell at ridiculous prices, these will be stolen and never seen again.

At Security Engineers’, we have developed state-of-the-art mobile surveillance units that can provide 24/7, 360-degree, coverage for your property. Our units are mounted on trailers and solar powered giving them the capability to be moved around and positioned in the best spot to give maximum coverage to points of entry into your port and warehouse facilities. With motion capture technology, our operations center will be alerted to movement on your property and can then identify potential thieves and criminals. If our monitors verify that the detected motion was indeed malicious in nature, they can then alert the proper authorities and bust them in the act. Our mobile surveillance units can also come equipped with loudspeakers as an optional attachment to scare off criminals before they can even get started. We recommend this attachment for areas with a high-risk of snatch and grab crimes where thieves may attempt to quickly gain access to cargo.

In addition to our integrated technology solutions, we can provide fully trained and certified Security Officers for foot patrols, vehicle patrols, post, and more to complete your layered security system. We are adept at meshing both technology and traditional security to provide a 360-degree solution for your security needs. In times of crisis, it is imperative that the best people and solutions are put forward to keep you and your property safe!

If you are in need of a complete security analysis, please complete a quote request and schedule a free consultation today! We protect what matters most!

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