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Security and Medical Marijuana in Alabama


What you Need to Know about Security and Medical Marijuana in Alabama!

Alabama Medical Marijuana Laws:
While deliberations are still underway for the final rules and regulations for medical marijuana facilities in Alabama, there are several security requirements that you should be aware of. During a July meeting, the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission stated they had made further changes to the existing document.

The most prominent change concerns security in dispensaries. Previously, dispensaries would be required to have 2 security guards on the premises 24 hours a day. After the recent change, dispensaries will now only have to have at least one security guard and other sufficient security measures to keep staff and occupants safe.

The commission also removed the requirement that dispensaries be in stand-alone buildings which can drastically alter the security requirements for a dispensary. These rules and regulations also extend to growing facilities.

According to Alabama Code 20-2A-53, the commission will “Establish standards or requirements to ensure cannabis and medical cannabis remain secure at all times, including, but not limited to, requirements that all facilities of licensees remain securely enclosed and locked as appropriate.” While the exact details haven’t been ironed out, we expect that Alabama will require consistent, 24-hour security at growing facilities. Currently, the commission is requiring growers to grow their marijuana in pots or raised beds in secure facilities. There is even a rule that the marijuana plants will need to be secured behind 3-inch steel doors. One committee member commented that such a thing does not exist. While that rule is unlikely to remain in its current form, it does illustrate how seriously the commission is taking security at marijuana facilities.

How Security Engineers Can Protect your Facilities
There are a variety of different options Security Engineers can provide to make sure your customers feel safe in your facility, protect your growing facility, and ensure you pass all necessary regulations. We can provide both armed or unarmed Security Officers that are fully trained and certified for foot patrols, vehicle patrols, static posts, and more. Our armed Security Officers are trained to the highest level of excellence. Working in tandem with our technological solutions, your dispensary or growing facility will be safe and secure with Security Engineers.

Making Technology Work for You
Our mobile surveillance units can be placed and used around your parking lots or facility campus to always have an eye on points of entry and give early warning to potential threats. They provide an easily deployable outdoor surveillance solution that is great for temporary or long-term use. Another form of early warning is our state-of-the-art gunshot detection system. By installing a unit at your place of business, you are ensuring that the latest technology is used to protect your staff and visitors. The system can accurately distinguish the wavelength of a gunshot from similar noises and automatically alert local police that a shot has been detected. The system then can be programmed to automatically lock doors and perform a variety of other task depending on the needs of each building.

The Bottom Line
From highly-trained Security Officers to our well-tested technological solutions, when it comes to protecting dispensary and growing facility, nobody can do it like Security Engineers! Please complete a quote request and schedule a free consultation today!

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