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Mobile Surveillance Units: The Exciting Future of Security is Here!

Mobile Surveillance Units - The Exciting Future of Security is Here!

Mobile Surveillance Units are the most innovative way to protect your property remotely using both radar smart detection as well as AI powered motion sensing cameras. These versatile monitoring machines can be swiftly redeployed anywhere on your site to match your ever-changing security demands. No longer tied to static locations, MSUs empower you with unparalleled visibility and awareness.

Whether indoors or outside, their powerful cameras keep close watch of your areas of interest, backing up days of recorded footage for reviewing, and enhancing your on-the-ground guards with the support of our amazing Monitoring/ dispatch officers. Move over dull security – MSUs are bringing excitement and flexibility to the industry. Stay steps ahead of threats with technology that tailors coverage exactly to your needs. Mobile Surveillance Units are the future of security.  

What is a Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU)? 
The MSU is designed to catch intruders as soon as they step foot in the secured property, before they cause any damage. With the camera and radar working together, it can spot/identify people and vehicles from up to 300 feet away.   

Solar and Battery Power: 
MSUs have solar panels and a battery bank, creating a self-sustaining renewable energy system. 

Surveillance System:  
Camera System – Our 360-degree cameras can zoom in/out as needed. They have HD 1920×1080 resolution for clear views, plus night vision up to 98 feet. 

Radar Detection – The radar acts as our motion triggering system and works in conjunction with the cameras, picking up movement from 300 feet in a 180-degree range. 

Communication System – A Talkdown speaker lets us broadcast verbally to intruders in real time to deter trespassers once spotted.  

Wireless Data – We can remotely connect to the MSU to conduct system performance checks which includes cameras visibility checks, radar sensitivity checks, and battery charge monitoring to cross reference our charge received via solar charge in regard to the area’s current weather forecast. 

Enhancing Security:
With the advancements in Motion AI technology, the cameras and radar will alert officers to motion based intrusions more accurately while filtering out false alarms. 

Security Engineers MSUs are available throughout the United States. To learn more about these innovative security solutions, please fill out the form below, call our sales team at 205.251.0566 or email us at [email protected].



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