Mobile Surveillance Units

Portable  |  Temporary  |  Affordable  |  Reliable  |  Built-In Wi-Fi  |  HD Cameras  |  2-Way Speakers  |  Gunshot Detection  |  Remote Monitoring

Our Mobile Surveillance Units are the perfect solution to layer your current security and for security Surveillance/asset protection for a wide variety of vertical markets: construction sites, parking lots, concerts, fairs, festivals, special events, emergency response, oil and mining, utilities, temporary sites or any off-the-grid location where security/Surveillance is required.
Mobile Surveillance Units are customizable and can be equipped with single or dual HD IP Video PTZ cameras, Gunshot Detection, panic button, 2-way radio capabilities, built-in wifi and network. They provide an easily deployable outdoor Surveillance solution that is great for temporary or long term use. Each unit is eco-friendly and powered 100% by solar panels & rechargeable batteries.
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