Mobile Surveillance Units

Having a practical security solution for your remote property is necessary for you to have peace of mind. Security Engineers provides integrated security solutions to keep your employees and your property safe.

Mobile Surveillance Solutions

Our Mobile Surveillance Units are perfect for temporary security surveillance where obtaining reliable power and wifi is a problem,whether it be new construction, renovations or a special event. Our technicians can custom design our Mobile Surveillance Units to fit your security needs


Mobile Surveillance Units are portable and easy to set up with short notice or in emergency situations

Solar Powered

Mobile Surveillance Units are built to be solar-powered, which makes it a “green” security solution


Mobile Surveillance Units are the perfect solution for temporary or short term security needs 

Cost Reduction

Security Engineers Mobile Surveillance Units can reduce the overall cost of construction site security

Monitoring Options

Mobile Surveillance Units can be augmented with any type of surveillance cameras to fit your needs 

Alarm Response

Mobile Surveillance Units can be configured to activate an alarm and send video to our remote monitors

Go Green and Reduce Cost

Over time, Security Engineers’ Mobile Surveillance Units literally pay for themselves through energy and equipment cost savings. Highlighted by its 360-degree, rotating solar panel and night vision cameras, this self-contained surveillance powerhouse can be located virtually anywhere for maximum flexibility. With quick and easy set-up, it is ready to connect and protect any property or construction site without any of the limitations of a typical surveillance systemOur Mobile Surveillance Units are built tough enough to go to any type of remote location. 

The Mobile Surveillance Unit features an exclusive power management system that constantly monitors the condition of the equipment and transmits signals back to the central station. An extended battery backup powers the system in the event of an outage. 

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