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Loss Prevention in Warehouses


How Security Engineers Helps Control Loss Prevention in Warehouses!
When it comes to protecting the valuable goods that allow your business to grow and prosper, the best defense is a well-layered and maintained security system. Cameras should cover all points of entry and vulnerable positions, the grounds need to be patrolled or watched by certified Security Officers, all doors should be secured by well-maintained security access panels and more. The number of layers is entirely dependent on the needs of the warehouse, but the more protection that stands in the way of a potential criminal and their ill-gotten prize the better. A well layered security system also protects from bad actors within the workforce from stealing and causing shrink.

At Security Engineers we have the means to help build every layer of security necessary to build a sturdy defense against theft. Our Security Officers are expertly trained and certified, able to maintain post both armed and unarmed. Our mobile surveillance units can be situated wherever they are needed to provide 24/7 surveillance to the property and be there when you need them to stop criminals in their tracks. With advanced motion tracking technology and trained surveillance monitors on standby nothing will be able to sneak past the watchful eye of our mobile surveillance units. If there is an increased risk for gun violence in the area, we can also provide gunshot monitoring solutions that can accurately distinguish between a gun shot and similar sounds by analyzing the waveform of the suspected gunshot and alerting law enforcement to the presence of an active shooter. The system can then be linked up with your existing security measures to automatically lock doors and alert personnel to the appearance of an active shooter. This system gives law enforcement a chance to respond appropriately to the situation and save lives. If the warehouse necessitates more mobile security, we can even provide vehicle patrols to make sure nothing goes unwatched. Layering these systems on top of a traditional CCTV monitoring system ensures maximum coverage.

Protecting your warehouse means protecting your way of life as well as the lives and income of the workers who depend on a well-protected warehouse to do their jobs and provide for themselves and their families. One consultation can make all the difference in fighting theft and bringing peace of mind to those that depend on a functioning and secure logistical chain. That starts with protecting your warehouse and that begins with getting a consultation with Security Engineers. Please complete a quote request to schedule your free consultation today!

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