Gunshot Detection and Active Shooter Countermeasure Technology. A Cost-Effective Solution to Counter a Real-World Reality

Gunshot Detection Solutions

Security Engineers Gunshot Detection System provides rapid Access Control & Notification features when an Active Shooter event occurs. These automatic & autonomous features can be integrated with existing systems providing a cost-effective solution to protect lives, dramatically reduce law enforcement incident response time & positively influence incident outcomes by providing law enforcement with live stream video of shooter location & ballistic data.  

Results: Increasing citizen and first responder survivability while decreasing risk!




Active Shooter Research

Research indicates those Active Shooter events where Law Enforcement response times were minimized dramatically decreased casualties.

Threat Detection

Having a rapid Access Control and Notification system capable of performing lock-down protocols and notifying Law Enforcement & First Responders within seconds after threat detection is crucial during an Active Shooter event.

Lock Down Protocol

Lockdown defined areas and notify law enforcement with Security Engineers Gunshot Detection & Lockdown System in less than Twenty Seconds. 

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