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The new school year is back is session and with it come concerns about what school systems are doing to keep students safe. Mass shootings and gun violence are on the rise. While the country grapples with ways to stop the violence, our schools must consider ways to protect students from potential harm. Achieving this means looking into a variety of modern security measures and assessing what is necessary to make sure the only thing students must worry about is their schoolwork and grades.

Why Schools are Targeted
There are many unfortunate reasons as to why schools are targeted for such heinous attacks. Generally, the shooter has some connection to their target or lives in the vicinity of the school. The typical scenario is that the student has been bullied or is an “injustice collector.” Every slight against them or someone close to them has been recorded in their head. With no outlet for their anger, it boils over until they believe the only way to get revenge is to take it for themselves.

Another reason is notoriety. Shootings happen every day in the U.S., but none get as much news coverage as school shootings. The shooter might believe that someone will finally take them seriously or that their actions will cause their name to be remembered forever. This can then lead to another kind of shooter­­ – copycats – who look at the long news cycles caused by a recent shooting and crave that attention for themselves. They think that the only way to get the same attention is to cause as much pain as the shooter before them, or even more, in a sick attempt to outdo the shooter who sparked their own disgusting bout of violence. 

How our School Security Officers can Help Protect Your Campus and Students
Many schools are opting to hire School Resource Officers (SRO) that work directly with the administration to keep an eye on campus. In the event of an emergency, a single SRO will not be enough to quickly determine where the incident is taking place and move swiftly to stop the problem before it escalates.

At Security Engineers, we can provide fully trained and certified School Security Officers (SSO) for foot patrols, vehicle patrols, post, and more. We can offer armed and unarmed Officers to suit your needs. Our armed School Security Officers are trained and certified to the highest level of excellence before being allowed to carry a weapon and are dedicated to the protection of those they are charged with protecting, especially our next generation. Communication in a crisis is key and having an extra pair of eyes watching over your school will drastically improve the chances the incident is stopped.

Making Technology Work for Your Campus
Our mobile surveillance units can be placed and used around campus to always have an eye on points of entry and give early warning to threats. Another form of early warning is our state-of-the-art gunshot detection system. By installing a unit at your campus, you are ensuring that the latest technology is used to protect your students. The system can accurately distinguish the wavelength of a gunshot from similar noises and automatically alerts local police when a gunshot is detected. The system then can be programmed to automatically lock doors and perform a variety of other tasks depending on the needs of your campus.

When it comes to securing our children, all precautions must be taken. From highly trained School Security Officers to our well tested integrated security solutions, we have everything you need to protect what matters most.

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