Access Control

Our award-winning access control systems extend capabilities, improve operational efficiencies and instill confidence that precious assets, resources and people are secured and protected.

Access Control Solutions

Security Engineers uses an award-winning Open Architecture Access Control Platform, which is the most IT-centric product on the market. It connects seamlessly with leading security systems including video management, biometrics, audio communications and many more. Our supporting products work together to provide a complete security solution.

Our award-winning access control systems extend capabilities, improve operational efficiencies and instill confidence that precious assets, resources and people are secured and protected. Our best-in-class access control solutions enable:

  • Trusted access, for the right people at the right times
  • Safe environments for employees, visitors and contractors
  • User convenience and workflow optimization through integrated, mobile solutions
  • Increased visibility, with real-time monitoring and cost-control functions
  • Investment protection via scalable, forward-looking solutions
  • Peace of mind, with expert, personalized concept-to-implementation support

Our access control systems are built using the very latest in software development technology. It allows you to monitor several systems through a common interface including audio and IP video recording.

Customer-Centric Features

Developed by experts with years of industry experience, our system is designed with valuable customer input to ensure it delivers the most user-friendly and open access control platform in the world. Our Customer-Centric features differentiate our system from all other access control software products on the market today.

InfoReady™ Design

The InfoReady™ design allows for easy access to all of your system data. Built-in reporting provides quick results on personnel, access, door status and event history.

Wireless Lock Interfaces

Complete and robust integration with all major brands of wireless, Wi-Fi and PoE locks for a simple solution without having to run wires.

Quick Reporting with Trace History

Get immediate reports on who is going where with trace history.
Click anywhere in the application for fast information – right at your fingertips.

Drag and Drop Throughout

  • Streamline all tasks – throughout the entire application – withdrag and dropfunctionality.
    Drag an access level to quickly add access to thousands of cardholders or filter the event grid on the fly.
  • Drag access levels to cardholders or apply to entire groups
  • Drag doors and cardholders to event grid for quick filter
  • Drag monitor points to output points to create instant IO linking
  • Reassign cards by dragging to another cardholder

Simple Sharing of Personnel Data

Save time by sharing personnel data with Active Directory, HR, SAP and other third-party databases with OpenDX and establish the flow of access and data across multiple systems.

Seamless Video Integration

Security Engineers offers a tight integration with all major video management software manufacturers to deliver a complete security solution. Recorded live video on events, alarms and associate cameras with various access points and doors.

Personnel Groups

  • Simplify tasks by organizing your cardholders into groups by any criteria.
  • Quickly and easily add or remove access levels to everyone in the group
  • Default group levels are automatically applied to users when placed in the group

Extensive Triggers & Macros

Link practically any system object or event with panel-based or host-based triggers and macros. We will set up basic to complex trigger and macro associations for enhanced system control. Control system with time, schedule, events, card access events, alarm points, etc. With this advanced feature, the linking possibilities are endless!

Tenants and Segregated Database

  • Segment your system hardware and personnel into tenants and limit views and control through operator privileges.
  • Ideal for multi-tenant buildings and campuses
  • Operators only view personnel from their segment
  • Hardware is controlled by each individual tenant

Custom Direct Commands

Create user-defined direct commands to control hardware with ease. Customize the tool bar button for one-click control of multiple doors or points.

Informational Tool Tips

Obtain instantaneous status and important information by hovering the mouse over any object in the personnel tree, hardware tree or graphics page.

Custom Interface by Operator

Experience the highest possible level of user privilege delineation and by restricting virtually every aspect of the software and assigning custom application views.

  • Add/remove buttons and commands for each operator
  • Set operator privileges for read, write, both or none
  • Restrict views to include only needed tasks
  • Limit ability to assign access by access level type

Event Filtering

See only what you want to see with event filters. Event filters allow you to easily sort the events grid by personnel, hardware or a combination of criteria. Simply drag and drop to apply a filter. You may also save filtered views for specific operator focus.

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