You Get What You Pay For

Why You Should Never Use a Fly-by-Night Company for Security Camera Installation. 

A few things my parents drilled into my head throughout the years was nothing in life is free and you get what you pay for. I have learned the hard way that my parents typically know what they are talking about and you most definitely get what you pay for.

A new client of ours learned this lesson the hard way as well.

This client called Security Engineers with a camera failure that a Fly-by-Night security company had installed. Upon examination of the system, we found that their camera’s chipset was scorched. We carefully inspected everything and discovered that the previous installer had ignored a very important detail. The camera was designed to operate on 12V DC power, but the previous installer had it installed on a 24V DC power supply. This is a grave mistake and could have caused an electrical fire inside the customer’s business.

We quickly corrected the issue by removing the faulty camera and professionally installing a new camera as well as fixing two coaxial runs and repairing a coax end on the DVR.

Before hiring someone to install a security surveillance system, you should always ensure that company is licensed through the Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure (AESBL). Installations and repairs should always be handled with close attention to detail to avoid situations that could lead to a problem like our client had or even worse.

Sometimes, natural failures happen, but in this case the installer failed to pay attention to details and installed a camera system with an incompatible power supply. There were other failures as well such as coax connectors improperly installed, no labeling on the cables and the installation was very unprofessional and disorganized. If you want to avoid problems like these, you should always hire a reputable company that has the proper licensing and experience.

Top Reasons to Always Hire a Professional, Licensed Company for Your Security Surveillance System Installation

1) Professional Equipment that is Professionally Installed
Professional security companies install professional security equipment and ensure their work should something go wrong. Many people think they are saving the company money by choosing the lowest bidder even if they aren’t licensed and insured or by purchasing a kit and installing it themselves. Unfortunately, without a professionally trained eye or thorough understanding of camera systems, many people end up with equipment that is poorly installed or faulty and you can forget getting the fly-by-night company back out to fix their mistakes.

2) Camera Positioning and Placement
We often have clients who are not happy with the placement of their security cameras. They complain of their cameras having blind spots or not having a clear line of view. We have seen cameras installed with poles blocking their view or facing the wrong direction where the glare of the sun prevents a clear picture. For a camera system to be properly installed, it needs to capture what you are wanting to see while taking into account the lighting at both daytime and nighttime, the field of vision, auto focus, various angles and anything potentially obstructing the view of the cameras. An experienced professional can look at an area and envision what the camera picture will look like while they are laying out the job. This comes with experience, training and certification. The fly-by-night companies just pick a place and guess where to install cameras not taking into account the various lighting, angles, obstructions, etc.

3) Support, Service and Warranty
Most people choose the fly-by-night security companies for no other reason than to save money. Sadly, there is the right way to save money and the wrong way to save money and security is definitely not the time to be frugal. There are many consumers who try to save money wherever possible and they fail miserably. They might save money on the front end, but when you figure in the cost of hiring another company to fix the problems encountered by the unprofessional installation or the cost of replacing a building because faulty wires caused it to burn to the ground, how much money did they really save?

Security Engineers is known for the high-quality service they provide clients, a support staff who’s available 24/7 and work that is guaranteed with warranties.

4) Liability
One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to cut cost on their security program. Your company is liable for everything that happens on its premises and this includes the security of your employees and guests. If someone is hurt on your property, you need proper security surveillance to determine what happened and who’s responsible. Unsecured businesses are vulnerable to thieves, robbers and criminals as most career criminals target businesses without security cameras.

When you hire a licensed security professional, they will evaluate your property and let you know which areas possess threats as well as where you need cameras installed to maximize coverage. Security is an ongoing obstacle and it requires more than a quick one-time fix from a fly-by-night security company.

When you’re ready to purchase or expand your CCTV surveillance system, there are many security camera suppliers for you to choose from. Be sure to do your research and pick a professionally licensed company that has a long history of success.

Security Engineers has been the leaders in the security industry for over 27 years. We care about our clients and get to know their security needs on a personal level. We will do a thorough security evaluation and determine the possible threats and weaknesses of the client’s building(s) then make our recommendations that are within the client’s budget. We install our security surveillance systems with the ability to expand them as the client’s needs change.

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