Uniformed Security

At the core of everything we do are the men and women proudly wearing the Security Engineers uniform. Our team of professional Security Officers consists of highly trained and passionate people who carry out extremely important assignments each and every day.

Uniformed Security Officers

Our team of uniformed security professionals is more than just a physical presence. Highly and uniquely trained for the security needs of your organization, our professionals are committed to protecting your organization as well as the people within it, providing an extra level of customer service. No longer worry about unmanned posts. Our team is responsive and proactive in providing protection, so you no longer have to spend time thinking about something that should be a given


 Armed Security Officers

In addition to the training requirements met by our unarmed Security Officers, our armed officers are selected and trained to the highest standards in the industry. Our training staff is unmatched in credentialing and experience and cover all aspects of armed service. Topics include the safe storage, handling, deployment and maintenance of related equipment and legal/ethical use of force. When deploying an armed staff, Security Engineers’ approach is structured to mitigate our clients’ risk through proper training and management.


Alarm Response

Security Engineers provides comprehensive Alarm Response Service. Rather than call a law enforcement agency when an alarm activates, our Client’s monitoring service notifies our 24-hour Dispatch Center.

When the SEI Dispatch Center receives the alarm notification a Security Engineers’ Field Captains are immediately dispatched to the premises. Field Captains are carefully trained “First Responders” and understand how to approach a client’s property. If no intruder is present, our team will continue and thoroughly check the property and building(s), taking appropriate action based upon the conditions discovered. If an intruder is present, we will take the necessary steps to ensure Police response is as timely as possible.


Emergency Response

Sometimes there is no advanced warning. We know emergencies are never convenient. One advantage our family of clients have is the response they receive from our highly trained and experienced Special Response Team (SRT).

From natural disasters to worldwide pandemics, we stand ready to serve our clients as soon as disasters or emergencies arise. In a wide-spread catastrophe, Security Engineers’ customers receive tier one priority.


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