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Increase the safety and security of your people, facilities and assets by adding these cost-effective solutions to your Security Plan

SESAR: SE Semi-Autonomous Robot


Smart, adaptive and tailored to your needs

What Sets SESAR Apart?

Powered by AI

  • Autonomous patrol and charging
  • Unlimited map and route storage
  • 2-way video and audio capability
  • Customized and automatic responses to detected events
  • Over 80 recognition categories (people, vehicles, skateboards, dogs, etc.)


  • Control SESAR from an iOS device
  • Customizable notifications
  • Filter video footage by date, device and category
  • Easily export video clips


Turing’s Zero-Contact Body Temperature Scanner

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, companies/institutions/facilities need to remain open or to re-open. This requires specific measures to be taken by the companies to control the spread of the disease among patrons and staff. You need your employees and your patrons to remain SAFE.

According to the CDC, 88% of all COVID-19 infected patients will show a temperature within 2 days of contracting it.

By deploying Turing’s Zero-Contact Body Temperature Scanner:

Patrons and Employees’ body temperature is scanned before entering building

Alert can be sent to staff if fever is detected

Fast, Zero-Contact scanner allows ease of use while maintaining social distancing


Features and Functionalities

  • Reduce the risk of employees and customers being exposed to COVID-19
  • Zero-Contact Scanning
  • 0.5°F Accuracy for use in the fight against COVID-19
  • 0.1 of a second scans keeps lines from forming
  • Suitable for adjunct use in public areas
  • Thermal Imaging; Deception Proof; Detection w/mask On; Audible Alerts; 8-inch Screen; Face Detection; Glare-Resistant; Water-Resistant; Density Alert

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