SEI makes certain our clients and their personnel have access to exceptional training. Many of the programs normally taught to Security Officers have augmented “sister-programs” that are taught to client employees. This helps to keep everyone aboard the client’s property well informed and prepared to operate cohesively with the professionals in their Security Department.

Workplace Violence Triad

The Security Engineers Workplace Violence Triad is a three-part course that covers each of the following modules. They can be given as individual classes or together as a complete training system. This class is highly sought after in our footprint and is consistently well-received by client personnel.

  • Module One: Client Security Mindset
  • Module Two: Client Confrontational Behavior Management
  • Module Three: Client Hostile Intruder/Active Shooter Training

Custom Client Classes

Because every client site is different and has its own unique security concerns, Security Engineers is fully prepared to develop custom classes for client personnel that address these specific issues. Our staff will collaboratively evaluate and propose individualized training to address unique security related concerns and then, with joint approval, teach these classes to appropriate client staff. In addition to this one-off custom training, any curriculum intended for SEI Officers can be adjusted to create courses for any client staff, to include lethal and less-lethal certifications when appropriate.

Basic Self Defense: Awareness and Techniques

This class is designed to take a limited hands-on approach to teaching basic self-defense principles to client personnel. It covers elements of awareness, avoidance and basic hand-to-hand defensive combatives. It is low impact, fun and leaves the students with valuable principles and techniques to help protect themselves from those who intend them harm.