Security Engineers Inc. takes great pride in ensuring our Security Officers are well trained to complete the duties they are assigned. For that reason, we offer advanced in-house training to Security Officers at a client’s request.

Subject Control Spray

Subject Control Spray (commonly referred to as “pepper spray” or “mace”) is an effective less-lethal tool utilized by some Security Engineers Inc. Officers at the request of our clients. SEI trains and certifies appropriate personnel according to industry standards and any applicable state law. Here is a brief list of topics covered in those classes.

PPCT Less-Lethal Training Programs (Handcuffing and Baton Use)

Handcuffs and Batons are potentially valuable tools in the proper setting when carried by professional, certified Officers. Security Engineers Inc. provides this equipment when requested by clientele and ensures that carrying Officers are highly trained and certifies before utilizing the equipment in a duty setting.

Security Mindset

Security Mindset is a lecture-based class that encourages and prepares professional Security Officers to best perceive available stimuli, offering opportunities to mitigate and respond to security-related issues on post.

Confrontational Behavior Management

Confrontation Behavior Management is a lecture-based class that trains Security Officers to recognize, respond and deescalate in situations where others have become (or are becoming) disruptive, noncompliant or aggressive. The focus is on rapid, proper intervention that minimizes conflict and maximizes compliance.

Hostile Intruder & Active Shooter Training

Security Engineers Inc. is a leader in the private security industry providing sound training focused on hostile intruders and active shooter situations. By breaking down the Department of Homeland Security’s “Run, Hide, Fight” protocol, as well as expand upon it to focus on the mission of Security, our Hostile Intruder/Active Shooter class highlights tangible opportunities to prevent and respond to worst case scenarios.