Surveillance System


We specialize in innovative solutions including the design, installation and support of surveillance services and equipment. 

Surveillance System Solutions

Security Engineers skilled engineers will work with you to design, install and service a fully certified system that will enhance connectivity and assure maximum performance. We can build your telecommunications room as well as monitor it to make sure everything is always working properly.

Full HD Video Capabilities

Provide scheduled virtual guard tours, that guide operators through each of the relevant onsite cameras. Everything our operators see, say and do during the tour has an audit trail

Video Verification 

Verify traditional alarm events with associated video to ensure a speedy response while reducing costly false dispatches

Interactive Video Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Operators equipped with high levels of situational awareness via intelligent onsite video assets, allowing them to proactively detect threats and respond in real-time 

Remote Access

Provide remote access for employees and authorized personnel to the customer facilities, verified with video and audited in the multimedia audit trail 

Blended Services

Services are customizable by integrating all physical security assets into a specific comprehensive program designed around client’s specific needs 

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