Security Engineers leaders received a rare opportunity April 4, 2019 to be WDEF News Anchors for a few moments before attending a Business Trends Marketing workshop hosted by the WDEF team. SEI’s Regional Manager, David Debuty and Security Solutions Support Group Director, Rebecca Strobl were able to sit at the News Desk in front of the camera thanks to WDEF news anchor, Emily Cassulo sharing her desk.

David, Rebecca and SEI Operations Manager, Dwayne Smith then discovered the current spending habits of today’s consumers, which forms of media are grabbing consumer’s attention and how to deliver your organization’s story to the largest audience possible. They were provided a quick opportunity after the workshop when networking with the WDEF team to share the exciting story of SEI being the nation’s leader in relationship focused integrated security solutions.

SEI wishes to thank everyone at WDEF, News 12 Now in Chattanooga for their hospitality and the excellent educational opportunity.

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