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CoVid-19: The Forgotten Responders

The Coronavirus (CoVid-19) pandemic has created turmoil worldwide. As difficult as this situation is for individuals, families, the economy and supporting infrastructure, it would be immeasurably worse without our healthcare and logistics professionals. We need to all be thankful for our first responders and healthcare workers for putting their lives on the lines during this pandemic, but let’s not forget these first responders.

Child Predators are Everywhere: Educate Yourself as well as Your Children

In today’s society, child predators are everywhere including the places that children should feel the safest. We as parents need to educate ourselves on the signs and red flags to look out for. And we need to educate our children, so they don’t fall into the trap of a child predator. In this article, we take a look at the steps child predators use to groom children as well as go over safety tips to help keep your children safe.

Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery 

The horrendous crime of human trafficking is modern day slavery. Thousands of women and children are forced to work in the sex industry in the United States. Read about the new initiative, which has helped law enforcement agencies capture over 9,500 sex traffickers and Johns. 

Security Engineers, Inc. sponsors InfraGard workshop: Protecting Our Houses of Worship: Active Shooter and Violent Crimes Preparedness 

At the SEI, Inc. sponsored workshop, leaders from all types of places of worship gather to learn how to minimize the likelihood of threats and how to respond to threats, should one occur. Speakers from the Department of Homeland Security & FBI discussed the importance of having an Emergency Action Plan set in place.

SEI managers Rebecca Strobl & David Deputy fill in as news anchors for News 12 Now

SEI Managers Go Live as WDEF News 12 Now ‘Guests’ News Anchors 

SEI, Inc. leaders received a rare opportunity to be WDEF News Anchors for a few moments before attending a Business Trends Marketing workshop hosted by the WDEF team. David Debuty, SEI Regional Manager and Rebecca Strobl, Director of Security Solutions Support Group were able to sit in front of the camera at the news desk at WDEF Chattanooga.


SEI Vlog: Preparedness Philosophy: The Window & the Mirror

In this video blog, Mark Quimby, Senior Security Consultant and Firearms, Chemical Weapons and Defensive Tactics Instructor at Security Engineers, Inc. will discuss a metaphor for preparedness: The Window and the Mirror.

SEI Vlog: Before the Beep

In this video blog, Mark Quimby, Senior Security Consultant and Firearms, Chemical Weapons and Defensive Tactics Instructor at Security Engineers, Inc. will discuss the importance of being proactive. Rather than focusing on a potential event, we should make sure we are focusing on the preparation. Mark will use competition shooting as a metaphor in this concept.

SEI Vlog: Active Shooter Preparedness

In this video blog, Mark Quimby, Senior Security Consultant and Firearms, Chemical Weapons and Defensive Tactics Instructor at Security Engineers, Inc. will cover some key considerations business owners and leaders should focus on in regards to Active Shooter/Hostile Intruder Preparedness. If you don’t have a plan, make one. If you have a plan, keep it updated. If you need a partner, it’s us!

Employee Terminations: Are they part of your Workplace Violence Emergency Plan?

The shooting in Aurora resulted in the death of six employees, including the gunman and injuries to six police officers. The shooter in Aurora was an employee who reportedly had been asked to come in to be terminated at the time of the incident. Ever since a workplace violence incident involving an employee of the Connecticut lottery in 1998, the best practice has been to conduct terminations off-site to ensure the person does not bring a weapon onto or into the facility. 

Action vs Reaction: SEI Guest Lecture at UAB Criminal Justice Department

In this video, Mark Quimby, Senior Security Consultant and Firearms, Chemical Weapons and Defensive Tactics Instructor at Security Engineers, Inc. is the guest speaker at UAB Criminal Justice department. Watch as Mark demonstrates the difference between action and reaction.


SunTrust Bank Shooting: Soft Target Falls to Hard Violence Unmitigated

Few words carry quite the gravity within the private security and public safety arenas as, ‘active shooter.’ While the frequency with which these situations happen is often misinterpreted in an overly polarized and politicized climate, the threat is real and businesses must account for their potential.

SEI Vlog: Pre-Assault Cues

In this video, Mark Quimby, Senior Security Consultant and Firearms, Chemical Weapons and Defensive Tactics Instructor at Security Engineers, Inc., will share some awareness tips on how to judge body language better to anticipate potential attacks and posture yourself to not be a victim.

Copper Theft: How Integrating Technology Could Protect Your Company From Theft and Lawsuits

As the nation learned this week, often the most harrowing situations can play out totally apart from public purview. Three people searching for copper wire in an abandoned coal mine in West Virginia were rescued following four excruciating days trapped inside. A fourth person had escaped the mine earlier and brought law enforcement and rescue teams to the location of the mine.

Stranger Danger: Attempted Kidnapping

Imagine a scenario, two children are walking near a park when a stranger approached them in a SUV. The stranger tells the children that the brother of one of them “has been in a serious accident” and he had been asked to come pick them up.

What do the children do?

Whitehouse speculates that Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting might have ended differently had an armed security officer been present

Violence, in all of its various forms, is a blight on a free society built upon individual rights and liberty. Nothing else flies in the face of freedom like the disregard for human life shown in Pittsburgh at the Tree of Life Synagogue where a gunman killed 11 people and injured several others. In his comments to the press, the President speculated that an armed security officer might have drastically impacted the outcome in a very positive way.

Social Engineering Cyberattack: Prevention is up to you

Every user of a computer is subject to a social engineering attack. In such an attack, the goal is to tempt or trick a user to provide their credentials to some computer resource – for example, their workstation or laptop; their e-mail, or their network logon – so the attacker can gain access to the resource. Once the attacker gains access, they leverage that access to penetrate even deeper into the user or company’s privacy to either gain access to data that is usable to the attacker, or to exploit the resource to attack other systems or networks.

Post Hurricane Security Response — Enhanced Recovery through Immediate Action

Having a detailed response plan prepared that allocates assets to be placed on standby, often from outside the affected impact zone, is critical to a rapid and effective recovery. Unfortunately, recovery plans are often based on the availability of security responders local to the affected region. By the time key stakeholders realize their ‘cavalry’ is just as pinned down as they are, it is too late to coordinate effectively with other providers.

Enhance Resource Protection and Overall Response to Hurricane Michael by Using Drones and Trained Response Teams

As flooding, erosion, downed trees and power lines close roads or entire areas, Mother Nature also wrecks havoc with communication channels and in particular access to CCTV systems. Even cellular based communication becomes intermittent or completely unavailable. To mitigate this challenge, businesses are incorporating technology and specialized teams into their recovery operations.  

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. How aware are you and your company? 

Like it or not, we live in a digital world. Every move we make in our lives is recorded by our cars, smartphones, computers, tablets and whatever other technology we use. While all of this technology makes are lives much easier, it also puts us at high-risk for cyber attacks if we don’t take the necessary precautions.