Security Drones

Security Engineers has Security Drones ready to dispatch to your place of business to assist in emergency situations or Security Patrols

Unmanned Asset Solutions

Security Engineers’ Security Drones

When there is an alarm, the system will automatically dispatch a drone to the location of the alarm and streams live video to our security team. 

Get Airborne Quickly

With Security Engineers VTOL technology there is no need for bulky launch or recovery equipment. 

Save Money with Cheaper Costs

Security and surveillance drones are extremely costeffective when compared to traditional methods 

Take-off and Land Anywhere

Security Engineers can operate safely and effectively with a drone that can vertically take-off and land anywhere

Cover Large Areas in a Single Flight

With a long endurance security and surveillance drone we can cover large areas in a single flight. 

See the Action as it Happens 

Accurate real-time video captured by drones will allow Security Engineers to rapidly respond to critical situations. 

Make Better Decisions

With accurate real-time video captured by drones Security Engineers has the strategic advantage.

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