Security Engineers announced today that the company is augmenting their integrated security solutions portfolio with the launch of the Security Engineers Semi-Autonomous Robot (SESAR). “Our customers want the best possible security solutions delivered in a cost-effective way,” says CEO, Mike Hefner.  “SESAR is a fantastic tool enabling automated random foot patrols at a very reasonable price point.”

SESAR uses a lightweight mobility chassis manufactured by SegwayTM coupled with a proprietary control unit that handles all surveillance, mapping and movement. The unit provides real time video feeds along with AI powered image classification and an IP based two-way communications platform. “SESAR is a very effective tool for our clients in a wide variety of settings,” says Mike. “The unit conducts near continuous randomized patrols without any required support. SESAR is programmed to alert our incident resolution center immediately and our security operations center professionals take action in real time as alerts come in. It is very self-sufficient in that it returns itself to home for charging as the battery levels become low.”

Security Engineers emphasizes that the SESAR units are best deployed in conjunction with their team of security professionals. Mike further states, “We have found that SESAR works best in a scenario where one of our security officers can directly respond to incidents highlighted by SESAR or with a mobile patrol response nearby. SESAR thrives in an ‘observe and report’ capacity, so when SESAR identifies an issue our team is able to take the AI verified alert and respond.” By having this patrol and respond methodology, Security Engineers has been able to reduce security costs for some client by more than 30%. The company states that the SESAR units are currently designed for indoor use, but they expect to have an indoor/outdoor unit in Q4 of 2020.

About Security Engineers

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