IR Illuminators and Security Engineers

Security Engineers’ standard Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU) can be equipped with a wide variety of cameras, sensors, alert based monitoring and incident response to protect what matters most and provide excellent day and nighttime surveillance. In addition, we provide several ways to enhance surveillance. One of our most recommended is the IR Illuminator.

An infrared illuminator, or IR Illuminator, is a tool that emits light in the infrared spectrum. Infrared light has wavelengths that are longer than visible light and is usually experienced as heat. Infrared light is invisible to the human eye, but to night vision devices, an IR Illuminator functions like a flashlight.

All night vision devices require at least trace amounts of infrared light to function. Many newer generation devices can make use of faint moon or star light, but in situations with zero visible light, even the most advanced night vision requires an IR Illuminator to work properly.

IR Illuminators can be integral (built into the night vision camera) or attached separately to the MSU to strengthen the night vision capabilities of the unit, especially in zero light environments.

The benefits of attaching IR Illuminators are numerous. Nighttime visibility will be increased tremendously, and the light is imperceptible to potential criminals. They will never even know they are being watched. The illuminators are relatively inexpensive to attach as well, and units that attach them come with a bigger set of batteries, giving them a longer life and overall increased effective range than MSUs without the IR Illuminators. In many cases, IR Illuminators are an essential tool to include if nighttime surveillance is important to the safety and security of your facility.

Get in touch with us today to determine if a Mobile surveillance Unit with an IR Illuminator is right for your security needs! Already have a Security Engineers MSU, but interested in getting an illuminator attached? We can do that as well! Visit our website at: Security Engineers Home – Security Engineers ( to schedule a consultation today and see if a Mobile surveillance Unit with an attached IR Illuminator is right for you and your business!