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Security Engineers is taking the CoVid-19 threat seriously and is offering an AI based non-contact thermal imaging solution to detect individuals in a crowd with an elevated temperature.

Feevr Technology Solutions

Temperature Scanning for the Safety of Others

Security Engineers is now offering a new technology, feevr, which is a quick and effective artificial intelligence (AI) based system for screening and detecting individuals with elevated temperature in a crowd. This technology is also designed for ‘points of entry’ to scan individuals’ temperatures before entering a facility. The solution enables the user to identify individuals with a fever efficiently and effectively. A fever is an indicating symptom of an infectious disease such as CoVid-19 (Coronavirus). Feevr is non contact based, which prevents the chances of cross infection. 

Check Symptoms Safely with Zero Contact

Feevr enables you to identify individuals with a fever – an indicating symptom of a infectious disease – efficiently and effectively – without making direct body contact, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

Snapshot Function of Thermal Image

Captures & alerts a thermal image automatically when an individual’s temperature reaches and/or goes above the input threshold.

Easy to Setup & Use

Feevr is user friendly and can be setup in just a few minutes as both a fixed (tripod supplied) or handheld solution.

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