Enhance Resource Protection and Overall Response to Hurricane Michael by Using Drones and Trained Response Teams


CBS News – Hurricane Michael

As Hurricane Michael approaches the Florida panhandle, the size and expected damage continue to increase dramatically. Current forecasts call for landfall at Category 3, Major Hurricane, status. According to the National Hurricane Center, the hurricane is expected to have sustained winds well in excess of 100 MPH. Mandatory evacuations have been posted by government officials in Bay Country Florida impacting some 120,000 people in Bay County alone. https://www.cbsnews.com/video/hurricane-michael-takes-aim-at-florida-panhandle/

As prepared business owners prepare for the storm and implement their business continuity plans, one of the biggest challenges post storm is the access, assessment and protection of their critical company resources. As flooding, erosion, downed trees and power lines close roads or entire areas, mother nature also wreaks havoc with communication channels and in particular access to CCTV systems and even cellular based communication becomes intermittent or completely unavailable.

To mitigate this challenge, businesses are incorporating technology and specialized teams into their recovery operations. By using unmanned quadcopters, businesses can deploy the craft onto facility grounds to assess damage, potential risks (i.e. power lines, hazardous debris, etc). With trained personnel that understand FAA rules and regulations pertaining to unmanned aircraft, the aircraft can quickly record the environment on the ground without the risk of travel and send updates back to the appropriate personnel.

At Security Engineers, the Security Engineers Drone Response Team (SE-DRT), is focused on helping businesses and assess and protect their critical business resources by leveraging both the latest technological advances with a professional security officer corps. The SE-DRT is unique as it couples drone assessment capability with professional security officers trained in facility protection post disaster.  After assessment and ingress routes are determined, SE-DRT personnel can deploy armed officers to sites and establish security perimeters as required. The SE-DRT is pooled for multiple clients in a given disaster area and clients can leverage this a cost effective solution to their individual response plans. If this approach is needed by your business, please contact us to learn more.

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