As the nation learned this week, often the most harrowing situations can play out totally apart from public purview. Three people searching for copper wire in an abandoned coal mine in West Virginia were rescued following four excruciating days trapped inside. A fourth person had escaped the mine earlier and brought law enforcement and rescue teams to the location of the mine. In what seemed like an unlikely outcome, all three people were rescued Wednesday relatively unscathed, checked by medical staff and released to their families.

While investigations regarding the legality of their entrance to the mine are still underway, their survival has played out like a holiday ‘miracle’ for their families and loved ones. It could have easily ended with a much less celebratory outcome.

These types of situations remind us that even unoccupied spaces present great practical and litigious risk to those who happen upon it and the owners/key stakeholders of the management process. Security for these types of facilities is a cost-effective mitigation and rapid response tool that more than pays for itself by preventing just one situation like the one in WV.

Integrating technology into a solid security program creates a more dynamic posture for business/property owners. One such technology is the GroundAware radar solution by O.W.L. (Observation Without Limits) offered and managed by Security Engineers. This local radar surveillance tool alerts security responders when people/vehicles enter or exit a predetermined area, giving them immediate warning of a possible intrusion. This force multiplier allows professional security response to specific locations without the delays often associated with the relay of eyewitness accounts or post-incident discovery. It also pairs the radar alarm with CCTV capabilities to document the incursion for investigative purposes.