Whitehouse Speculates that Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Might Have Ended Differently had an Armed Security Officer Been Present

By: Mark B. Quimby | Director of Training & Development | Security Engineers, Inc.

Violence, in all of its various forms, is a blight on a free society built upon individual rights and liberty. Nothing else flies in the face of freedom like the disregard for human life shown in Pittsburgh at the Tree of Life synagogue where a gunman killed 11 people and injured several others. Our thoughts are with those who suffered loss as a result of this heinous crime.

In his comments to the press following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, the President speculated that an armed security officer might have drastically impacted the outcome in a very positive way (Hains, 2018). As professionals in the field know, simply having an armed officer does not guarantee the outright prevention of a violent event or the mitigation of casualty if one takes place. That being said, the potential benefit of having an equaling force on-sceneis hard to dismiss.

Armed security officers are not a wholistic ‘cure’ for violence, but they have great potential to be part of an effective ‘treatment.’ It is important to note, a person with a gundoes not equate a competent/capable force-multiplier. Excellent training and managerial oversight are the keys to the deployment of an effective armed force prepared for real-world risks.

These armed officers are only a single part of an excellent integrated security plan, designed to bolster the safety of private institutions in the face of actual dangers. Internal polices focused on organization-wide education, highly-trained security professionals and cutting-edge technologies (such as gunshot detection, dynamic access control frameworks, and mass notification systems) all blend together to increase preparedness in tangible ways.

“What value should we place on real security and does our capital budget reflect that appraisal?”

We will never know for certain if having a well-trained, well-managed armed security officer as part of a thorough integrated security approach could have made a positive impact on the outcome in Pittsburgh. What we can do, however, is take an honest look at our own security plans and ask the hard questions necessary for informed mitigation/response practices. Namely, what value should we place on real security and does our capital budget reflect that appraisal?

If you are interested in an evaluation of your security protocols or bolstering your security posture, contact Security Engineers, Inc. below and let us build an integrated solution for you. Dynamic threats require potent solutions and we are prepared to legitimize your security posture with value and excellence.


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