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If you are looking for private security, Birmingham headquartered Security Engineers Inc is available 24 hours a day

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Security Engineers, Inc. - Birmingham, AL Corporate Offices
1617 3rd Avenue North
P. O. Box 10231 (35202)
Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: (205) 251-0566
Fax: (205) 251-6827
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The Corporate Headquarters for Security Engineers is located in the newly revitalized city center of Birmingham, Alabama. Security Engineers hosts administrative functions for the entire company in Birmingham including Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources, Training and Central Operations with Communication and Dispatch available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

There are many security officer companies in Birmingham, but no one can match the quality of security service of Security Engineers Inc. There are more than 28 support staff to coordinate centralized functions for Regional and District offices over a twelve state area as well as provide personalized Account Management  and supervision for more than 225 client locations and 1200 security officers in Birmingham and 13 other offices.

Since 1994, Security Engineers has been dedicated to being the best security company in our market.  To further the goal of "becoming the Quality House of security for the local community" , managers actively participate in civic and government organizations to offer their expertise and stay informed of community needs.  Corporate Officers also serve as Account Managers which provides opportunity to stay abreast of client's needs firsthand.  In addition to receiving personal attention from Corporate Officers, clients in Birmingham and Central Alabama are in the immediate response area for our 24-hour Dispatch and Field Supervision.   

Day-to-day scheduling and supervision of over 800 Central Alabama Security Officers is directed by Joel Morris, Asst. VP/Director of Operations. Joel's primary function is to supervise the 24 hour Dispatch and Field Officer staff, ensuring all Central Alabama security posts are consistently staffed by properly trained, uniformed and knowledgeable security personnel.

Another primary function centralized at the Birmingham office is Market Development.   Teresa Stanford, VP of Growth and Contract Management, provides personalized site evaluations to determine security risks for existing and prospective customers.   For more information, go to "Request a Quote" and provide your specific details to receive general pricing information.   For a personalized site evaluation and custom-designed proposal, contact Teresa Stanford, VP of Growth and Contract Management to arrange for a personal one-on-one consultation.

Security Engineers strongly believes in and adheres to an "open door" policy.  The entire Managment Staff is available to answer questions about our services. The SEI staff is always available to answer your questions or deal with your concerns no matter where you're located.  Click on the name below for more information about each person's experience level and responsibilities within the company.  You will find a link to their email on their bio page as well as the link beside their name below.

Donald L. Bottom - CEO  email
Timothy W. Halfman - President and COO  email

Gary Sexton - Chief Financial Officer  email
Asa Shelton - Controller  email
Corporate Accounts Payable  email

Miriam T. Goyne - Director of Human Resources  email
Mary Kimbrough -  HR Manager  email

Michael J. Nessler - Assistant VP/Director I.T.  email

Greg Donohoe, Manager of Safety & Officer Compliance email
James A. Bottom - Assistant VP/Director Client Relations  email

Joel Morris, Assistant VP/Director of Operations  email

Mark Quimby, Manager of Training  email

Teresa Stanford - CPP, VP, Growth & Contract Management email
POSITION OPEN   - Manager of Communications & Marketing

If you have questions or would like some more information on our security services in any of our 13 offices, please call us at  (205) 251-0566 or TOLL FREE at (877) 651-0566.